I’ll make no bones about the fact that I love shoes. In fact, I have quite the small collection and Cole Haan has always had a special part in that collection. In the last two years, we’ve seen Cole Haan, then owned by Nike, mated with colorful Nike Lunarlon bottoms that became all of the design and fashion rage. Me? I liked how comfortable and light they were compared to other shoes of the same design.

Somehow Cole Haan has advanced the comfort and weight loss with their new Cole Haan ZeroGrand. Two variants have been named thus far: No Stitch – which invariably uses some of Nike’s Considered Line press/glue methods for less materials and thus less weight and a more traditional suede version with the newer Grand.OS shoe bottom that comes in at a scant 290 grams.

Introducing the astonishingly light, remarkably agile ZEROGRAND from Cole Haan. Our legacy of craftsmanship and reputation for innovation come together in a striking new brogue that reconsiders mass, make and motion.

Starting at $248. Comes in Black, Silver and Berkshire. I’ll take two!

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Fixing a punctured bicycle tire is reasonably easy, but it is way too much of a hassle to deal with mid-ride – which is why most distance riders travel with a spare tube or two. With the PatchNRide, that could very well become a thing of the past.


How does it work? Use the onboard leak detector to find the hole, stick the tip of the PatchNRide into the hole, press a button and wait for the adhesive patch to be applied from inside the tire. Once that is done, you can pump up the tire and get back on your bike. It sounds to good to be true – but at $30 for pre-order (and $60 thereafter), it is just cheap enough for a roll of the dice.

Price: $30 (pre-order); $60 afterwards [via Oh Gizmo]

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BLVSH Cocktail

Time’s running out for Valentine’s Day gifts guys. So instead of buying some street vendor roses or some last second chocolates from the convenience store; how about giving your lady a surprising and tasty custom cocktail that will make you look like a true mixologist.

The latest Infusions release from the iconic blue bottled vodka, SKYY Infusions Vanilla, made with real vanilla beans, features a rich, smooth taste of creamy soft vanilla, luscious white chocolate and slightly toasted caramel creating a delicious, decadent flavor that lingers on your tongue.

Created by Mixologist John deBary

  • 1 1/2 oz. SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean
  • 1/2 oz. SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape
  • 3/4 oz. Lime Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
  • 1/2 cup Organic Raspberries

Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Fill shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Pour into a coupe glass.

There you go. Instant karma increase and an easy way to impress.

Good luck on Valentine’s Day.

[ Links: Skyy Vodka ]

The Wocket

The Wocket Electronic Wallet

Remember The COIN system that promised to replace all of your cards in your pocket and do so via your cellphone? The Wocket promises to do the same things but without having to employ a cellphone.

The Wocket™ is designed to replace all the cards in your wallet with a single, secure smart card. The Wocket works anywhere that credit cards are accepted and can only be used with your biometric or touch screen authentication.

The world of wallets is about to change with new and exciting technologies making payments easier than ever. However, most credit card holders are understandably reluctant to use their smartphone for transactions — this is due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Limited Battery Life
  • Dependency on Wireless Network Coverage
  • Helps Thwart Well Publicized Security Threats

Access your Wocket with security on the touch screen or through voice authentication biometrics and select which card you wish to use; now use that card to substitute any card in your wallet. What’s more, no personal information is retained on the magnetic stripe so the risk of fraud is greatly reduced.

Seems like the battle for the electronic wallet replacement has just heated up! The Wocket is due out in the Q1 2014, beating out the COIN release date.

The Wocket does not require a cellphone and erases itself after each transaction (this is great) and via the separate card reader, will replenish your information for a one-time swipe. Sounds like a great idea – especially since just last week, somebody cloned my card via a secondary swipe at a local vendor and if this was in place, they would have failed.

No announcements on price as of yet, but hit up their website to sign up for alerts for cost and availability. Thanks Dawn for the head’s up!

[Links: The Wocket Website ]


Mind you, I’m 100% behind no bulk/narrow wallets like the ones offered by Bellroy and the like, so seeing something like Coin come out is a blessing. It’ll mean an even thinner wallet.

What’s Coin? Well, it’s digital credit card that allows you to upload many other cards to it via an app on your smartphone via a device that looks just like a Square card reader. The Coin card is billed as an universal digital card that aggregates all of your credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards into one card.

It’s currently being sold at a $50 pre-sale price due to be released in Summer 2014 at a full price of $100 for the Coin card. I’m sold, just wonder how the retailers will respond to not having the original card there though.

Coin uses low power Bluetooth for proximity to disallow forgetting the card whilst out. Now that’s a feature that I’d love in ALL of my credit cards.

Thanks Enzo for the lead!

[ Links: Coin, Coin Video ]

Ever wanted to make your own beer at home? If you know anything about what is really involved in home brewing, the preciseness necessary is quite daunting. But what if your iOS device took care of all of that for you, letting you focus on choosing your own ingredients, and thus creating your own unique flavor

Brewbot is a brand new device that works with your iPhone/iPad to allow you to home brew with the best of them. Without having to have the slightest bit of knowledge about brewing beer at home, you’ll still be a-ok as the app works with the machine to guide you through every step. Forget about researching measurements, or having to build a shed in the back of your home. The Brewbot is compact enough to put almost anywhere. You can visit the Kickstarter page for more info, and help the guys reach their goal of bringing home brewing right to your home. You’ll be drunk in no time, with the satisfaction of knowing it’s your own special blend.

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The TiKeY titanium key holder works on so many levels: it is made out of titanium, massively over-engineered, and it keeps your keys from rattling around in your pocket and digging into your legs – but what I like most about it is that it is, for the most part, a one-size-fits-all approach to those key management systems that have always looked so tantalizing (but that have never supported my locks).

When it comes down to it, the TiKeY is essentially a couple of titanium plates and screws, that you fit to your existing key set. Once fitted, you get to have the pleasure of folding out your keys, like you would the blade of a pocket knife. The project is already successfully funded on Kickstarter with $14,981 raised of its $999, and there are still 13 days to go to unlock the last of the stretch goals (which it will hit at $20,000).

Have we seen somewhat similar key holders before? Yes, but none of them have been made out of titanium and look like they would survive the apocalypse. I want one.

Price: $28-50 (ships January – February)

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We did a brief write-up on BitTorrent Sync yesterday, which only really touched on some of its potential. After pondering things a little longer, I came up with a couple of usage scenarios that might be both useful and fun to put into place.

Within 30 minutes of finding BitTorrent Sync yesterday, I realized that I had a permanent solution to my DropBox space problems. Given that I work in an academic institution, I am not really confident in putting anything with BitTorrent branding on my work desktop – at least until the tech becomes a little more mainstream and torrents become associated with more than piracy. For the time being, I’ll continue to allow DropBox to handle that part of the syncing. As the folder fills up, I will shuffle stuff across – it isn’t really a big deal. At any rate, keeping one’s personal files is the tip of the iceberg as far as Sync functionality goes.

Perhaps the biggest potential application, in my line of work at least, is for collaboration. I live in rural Japan but I collaborate on different projects with people elsewhere in Japan and as far afield as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. My method of issuing editing assignments has always been to email a copy with a carefully formatted subject heading so that I can pull up relevant details when I need them via a search of my work-related Gmail account. This has a lot of advantages – but then the type of editing work that I do does not require a lot of back-and-forth collaboration. For that sort of thing, people tend to use Microsoft SharePoint – which is pricey and complicated. How much better would it be to have a well-organized folder for each of my editors? Set the due date as the folder name in a YYYYMMDD format load the files on and ping the relevant editor with an IM about the job details. No more losing attachments in long conversation threads. With an always-on computer and some remote access voodoo such a system could be managed easily from a smartphone.

That led me to think about secure communications. Let’s say you are a dissident who is stuck behind a ridiculous national firewall – at best Gmail and Twitter are blocked, at worst they are being monitored so that your communications can be used against you in a court of “law.” In such situations Sync, or a system like it, would provide a discreet way to communicate with the outside world – especially when coupled with something like Tor. Rather than send an email, you could save an encrypted document in a shared folder – way more discreet than a webmail account. I can’t help but think that if this had been around a couple of years ago then David Petraeus might not be looking for a job. Granted, this is all stuff you would be able to do if you had your own mail server, but ISPs have a nasty habit of blocking port 25, which makes mail server setup a more complicated affair.

BitTorrent Sync might still be in Alpha, but it already offers quite a few interesting possibilities. It will take a while to iron out some of the kinks and improve the functionality, but we are talking about truly private sharing, without expensive storage space or shady, obnoxious middlemen. When it all comes together it will be truly awesome.

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Limited Edition Kahlua Gingerbread Cookie Martini

The holiday season is fully upon us and the importance of bringing something unusual, yet memorable to the table (or in this case to a martini glass or two) and bring back a bit of surprise to the holidays. Well, how about Limited Edition Kahlua Gingerbread rum and coffee liqueur. Even better yet, how about a tasty Kahlua Gingerbread Cookie Martini?

Kahlua Cookie Martini
1/2 part Kahlua Gingerbread
1 1/2 parts Absolut Vodka
Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy.

You’ll be talked about until next year! Kahlua Gingerbread is a limited edition with gingerbread, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove and totally worth the $17.99 per bottle.

And while you and the family and friends are keeping warm, Kahlua is spreading the cheer to those lesser fortunate by participating in One Warm Coat drive to support coat drives across the U.S. Those who click the “Share the Warmth” button on Kahlua’s Facebook app will prompt Kahlua to donate $1 to One Warm Coat, with a maximum goal of raising $100,000.

[ Links: Kahlua One Warm Coat Drive, Kahlua Gingerbread ]

Nike Pre Montreal Vintage Lunar+

Nike has a invested a great deal into Lunarlon as their future material for comfortable shoes that require maximum cushioning over repetitive motions. In fact, Lunarlon draws its inspiration from the NASA lunar walks – thus the name – and the weightless motions and the implicit cushioning necessary.

History lesson aside… or rather not, the Nike Pre-Montreal Vintage pairs a faded suede upper with a modern, yet past inspired by past events (see above) for a rather unique look that will satisfy any sneakerhead.

Nike’s VNTG Lunar + Collection utilizes classic styles with aged colors to ensure a retro look. The Pre Montreal features a faded suede and nylon upper with a white leather swoosh, white lining, and a white mudguard. The Pre Montreal is updated by using a blue Lunarlon sole with the ability to use Nike+ technology.

For ordering information, head over to Kith NYC and be prepared to shell out $125.00 USD.

[ Links: Nike Pre Montreal VNTG Lunar+ ]

Lytro 2.0 Software Update

Lytro, the world’s first commercial light field camera, now has finally been updated to 2.0 and with it comes a whole slew of neat updates and abilities to the camera including:

Perspective Shift – interactively change the point of view in a picture
Living Filters – dynamically change the colors and textures of your pictures
Windows 8 64-bit Support
Miscellaneous bugfixes

Meanwhile the desktop software has been updated to 2.0.0, the camera also receives an update to 1.1.1 and the new Perspective Shift feature is pretty darn cool. What also seems to have happened is that Lytro is no longer using an Adobe Flash version and is using HTML5/JavaScript embedded player as well.

While the processing on the perspective shift pictures seem to take a longer time to process, the output will make even the most jaded person go “ooh” the first time. But it’s a gimmick that’s invariably going to be boring sooner than later unless you tap the prior update that included the manual controls as well.

The Living Filters feature is analogous with many Instagram filters, but some add the ability to desaturate background colors while keeping the main focused item or area black and white, then click the background and the foreground goes black and white while the background goes to full color. There’s a few others artistic filters – line art, glass (refraction), blur, film effects and many others – that actually make it cool to test them out but once the novelty goes away, the star of the show will still be the perspective shift. And maybe the Carnival filter – it really plays havoc on your eyesight but in a fun mirror type of way.

Per usual, the recommendation of taking Lytro pictures in a good amount of light, natural or artificial – still remains the case. Lower light pictures will still bring with them a lot of noise. But I’m still loving my Lytro. Just need to get out more and take more pictures with it! Here’s a sample of the new perspective shift by moi.

[ Links: Lytro, Lytro new features, Lytro on sale at Target ]

Say No to the Apple Mini

You’re probably wondering why I think I’m qualified enough to tell you not to purchase the Apple iPad Mini. It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s from Apple. Of course, you should want it, right? It’s what people do whenever Apple releases anything, they should flock to it, right? Nevermind that Steve Jobs laughed about making a 7 inch tablet not too long ago.

Okay, let me check my sarcastic tone for a moment and state that most people already have the Apple iPad. 100 million in total and counting, over 90% of the tablet market belongs to the Apple iPad and all they’ve sold so far was the 9.7″ version that now carries (3rd generation) their Retina Display technology on their display effectively displaying 2048 by 1536, doubling what the iPad 2 offered when it was released in early 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

Otter Box Apple iPad Mini Defender Case

The one thing I love about Otter Box, they secure the ever-living daylights out of your gadgets without adding a prohibitive amount of bulk to combat typical clumsiness. Just announced this morning, the Apple iPad Mini won’t go for long without a case to secure your gadget safely.

Despite its size, the Apple® iPad® mini promises to have a big impact on mobile computing. As pre-orders are tallied and the newest tablet is shipped, records will likely be set by the trailblazing company. Once again, OtterBox® will deliver PROTECTION for what’s next from Apple with the new Defender Series® case for iPad mini, available for pre-order today.

With the Apple iPad Mini due to ship on November 2nd and the Otter Box iPad Mini Defender series case set to ship on November 6th, your Apple iPad Mini will be secure in no time for $69.95 USD.

[ links: Apple iPad Mini, OtterBox Defender Series Apple iPad Mini cases ]

The iLP is a fully functioning record player features a dock that accommodates an iAnything, allowing for digital conversion of all your favorite albums.  Want to use it as an old school turntable as well?  No problemo.  The machine is equipped with RCA jacks that let you connect it to your old stereo like you’ve always done.  If converting to a computer is your preference, there are also USB ports for just that.  What’s better – it only costs 100 beans.  Get yourself one here.

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If you ever wanted to feel like you suck at parenting, check out what this guy did: he turned a bunch of PVC pipes, some pressure treated lumber and some concrete into a roller coaster with a 12-foot drop. It certainly beats the half-assed DIY planetarium that only worked when it was a foot from the wall that my son got for his last birthday.

Link to the original article…

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