New Bulgari Man Cologne Due in September

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24 Jun 2010

New Bulgari Man Cologne Due in September

Face it. You probably stink and that Axe spray is only good for masking the funk from a workout or missed day of showering. Instead of driving off the women with your funk, why not smell like a man? Well, a Bulgari Man to be exact.

Bulgari Man is sporting a good mix of notes as: bergamot, violet Leaves, lotus blossom, vetiver, cypriol, white woods, sandalwood, cashmere wood, vegetal amber, benzoin, white honey and musk to combine in a modern, fresh and decidedly masculine manner. Due for a September release with Clive Owen used in the adverts and Bulgari Man is brought to you by the same perfumer that brought forth the excellent and original Bulgari Pour Homme in 1994, Alberto Morillas.

No word on pricing yet.

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