Posts Tagged ‘iPhone_3G is at again, this time comparing the upcoming T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G versus the AT&T Apple iPhone 3G S and the cost of ownership of each cellphone.

Will MyTouch be the iPhone killer with the news this week that Apple folded under pressure from AT&T and excluded Google’s Voice app from the App store? Perhaps it could be for those obsessed with getting their hands on the new voice app, which is alive and kicking on Blackberry and the Android Market.

Aw man… I really remember Kai Krause’s Power Goo. In fact, it was one of the few Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that I actually used and liked. Mostly for fun, I’d make my graphic design professor look like Droopy, which in retrospect wasn’t that hard to do. But it was just fun.

Well, MetaTools is back. And Power Goo is now named Making Faces and it’s coming for out for your beloved Apple iPhone. No price yet.

Yep, what the title says. UltraSn0w for breaking open your iPhone (2G) and iPhone 3G, but not iPhone 3GS (yet) is out.

The battery at 2300mAh Li-Polymer battery exceeds the internal battery for the iPhone3G (rated near 1600mAh) and is a bit more than the competition from Mophie (Juice Pack – iPhone 3G is rated at 1800mAh) and Richard Solo External battery, also rated at 1800mAh. Unlike most external batteries though, the iPower battery case does not need to dangle in the way.

A Vaja ivolution Top Special Edition iPhone3G Case in special Renato leather in the unusual color name of Carchofa. What could be seen as just a bunch of fancy words to describe an all Argentinian, quality hand-made cow-hide leather case that downright looks better than most any darn thing that any other iPhone owner can pull out while in line at your Starbucks.

Joost has been released for the Apple iPhone with shows like Fat Albert, the first season of the Transformers, among others.

November 20th, 2008 should be known as the night of updates. After the PSP 5.02 update, Apple releases the highly anticipated iPhone 2.2 firmware. So you know the drill… fire up iTunes, download away.

A quick collected list of gadget rumors going on over the weekend and morning: iTunes 8.0 and iPhone 2.1 on September 9th? Nokia to release the 5800 “Tube” on October 8th? New Zune features leaked GM Volt EPA rating could be cut by new standards Joost to go from the desktop to browser only? Screenshots! […]

We’re not sure how this one got past Apple’s App Store censors, but the clever kids at Nullriver have released what appears to be the first tethering solution for the iPhone. The $10 NetShare app is just a SOCKS proxy that links an ad-hoc WiFi network to the iPhone’s 3G or EDGE connection — and […]

My mother bought an iPhone this morning. Got it home, ripped off all the factory sealed packing, registered it and while changing the wallpaper, found three photos in the camera roll. Two are blurry, but this one is something else… Now that’s a lot of iPhones. A sight most people would kill for wish they […]

Where will you be on July 11th? If you’re a red-blooded gadget hound that’s gotta have the absolute newest thing that’s anything from the mind of Steve Jobs and company, it’s more than likely you’ll find your way into a AT&T store for the very first time for a long time. How much will this […]

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