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Verizon Gets The iPhone – Coming in February, CDMA/EVDO only

Verizon LTE launches on December 5th for $50 to $80

Verizon runs their first LTE/4G ad. Where’s AT&T’s commercials for 4G?

AT&T beware, Verizon iPhone phone confirmed by Fortune Magazine. Yet again.

Something Has To Give with Cable TV Price Hikes, FiOS and U-Verse Top JD Power Studies

U.S. Cellular is actually rewarding users via their Belief Project instead of making you think that they’re using you.

FiOS in 54% of NYC, will be 100% in 2014.

Wal-mart enters the postpaid wireless game. Good thing or bad thing?

Is Home Automation Verizon’s new ploy to make even more revenue?

Frontier Communications, fresh off their $8.5 billion acquisition of millions of Verizon DSL and landline customers, has been downplaying the fact the company isn’t offering speeds that can successfully compete with cable in most markets. While Frontier CEO Maggie Wilderotter has been promising these customers a “fast future,” the company really isn’t in a financial […]

Verizon and Skype fix the nasty wi-fi bug in their (as of now) exclusive Android Skype client

“There is value in exclusivity” says HBO’s Kessler about not sharing content with Netflix

HTC Google Chrome Tablet On Verizon In November – To be offered subsidized with long-term Verizon contract

Verizon To Show First NFL Game In 3D – Preseason game between Giants and Patriots

Verizon iPhone In January Rumor Persists – Apple orders massive CDMA chip shipment from Qualcomm

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